Pets Corner Premium Dog Food Features

Dogs evolved as omnivores so their main diet should be high-quality animal protein. The main ingredients of Pets Corner premium natural dry pet food are the finest meat cuts together with fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. They contain all the natural nutrients essential to dog health. Different characteristics of ingredients reflect Pets Corner's attention to dog health by looking after their joints, improving their digestion, and boosting their immune system! Pets Corner keeps dogs healthy through daily care!

Pets Corner Special Additives

Taiwan's finest dog food that surpasses imports in holistic pet care.

Enzymes: Assists with digestion

Food that has been cooked and pressed does not contain enzymes. This can impair the metabolism of cats and dogs. Enzymes are added by Pets Corner in a special way to increase the enzyme intake of dogs, improving their digestion and gut health.

Yucca: Reduce waste odor

Yucca is a plant that grows naturally in Mexico and other regions with a desert climate. Its extracts are commonly added to pet food. It is considered a natural odor remover as it reduces the odor from feces and urine. In addition to reduce waste odor by up to 65%, it helps with digestion and joint care.

Activated Vitamin: Helps with skeletal / teeth development and growth

Dogs are unable to synthesize Vitamin D through the sun shining on their skin. Their only source of Vitamin D is their food. Vitamin D3 is added to the pet food to promote bone formation and protect their dental health.

Algae: For smooth, glossy fur

Algae is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Some nutrients are actually hard to find in other foods. Algae can not only give the immune system a boost but also give fur a natural, glossy sheen.

Salmon Oil: Protect cardiovascular health

Dogs need fatty acids to stay healthy. Salmon oil contains precious Omega-3, unsaturated fatty acids, and is especially rich in EPA and DHA. Dogs can absorb and use these fatty acids directly. Maintaining an appropriate level of intake helps to protect cardiovascular health and enhance brain development.

Improved Joint Protecting Formula

Chondroitin: Protect the joints and maintain energy levels

Chondroitin is a type of glycosaminoglycan that contains sulfated Chondroitin A and C. Glycosaminoglycan can help maintain the normal function of the joints, improve joint lubrication and increase the energy levels of your dog.


- Strengthening the bones

- Increase dog energy level

- Improve joint lubrication

Lamb + Cranberries + Duck


Turkey + Apple

+ Multigrain Rice + Tuna


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